Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

The crawl space in your house may be dark, damp, smelly, and full of bugs, but it is actually as important as any room in your house because all the air in the crawl space eventually ends up in your living area. If the crawl space is breeding mold, and mildew, serious breathing problems could result, not to mention the structural damage that mold and mildew can eventually cause to floor joists. Additionally, moist air condenses on the ductwork in your crawl space. When ductwork “sweats,” the insulation around the ductwork gets wet, reducing its effectiveness.

vapor barrier installation

Crawl space vapor barrier installation is one way to solve or prevent these problems. A properly installed vapor barrier will prevent the warm, humid air from entering the crawl space and will help you keep your home free from pollutants and toxins. Learn more about the vapor barrier material we use.

Every home is different, of course, and your home might not require a total encapsulation like the photos above. Sometimes, simply making sure that the ground is covered with a thick plastic is all that is needed. Call us today for a free evaluation and see if a crawl space vapor barrier installation of any kind is needed in your home.